Christmas Cakes

Handmade & Hand Mixed

With delicious natural ingredients like figs, almonds and ginger.

There's no better way to celebrate an Australian Christmas than with Blooming Marvellous Christmas cakes.

Delicious Christmas Cakes

I started my business many years ago with home-made Blooming Marvellous Macadamia Nut Pudding and have since grown the product range to include Fig and Almond Christmas Cakes and Ginger & Almond Shortcake.

Homemade Christmas Cakes… the Personal Touch!

For me, it is hands on at every stage - from devising the recipes, to mixing, cooking and ensuring the highest quality control. As I always like to say, "There is a kiss in every stitch".

Blooming Marvellous, Gabrielle Geddes

Christmas Cakes – Delivered to Your Door

My delicious home-made Blooming Marvellous products are delivered all around Australia during October, November and December.


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