Corporate Christmas Gifts

Spoil your clients and staff this year with exclusively hand-made Christmas Cakes by Gabrielle.

These Gourmet Christmas Treats are beautifully packaged, ready to present to your valued team and associates during the festive season.  

There's no better way to celebrate an Australian Christmas than with Blooming Marvellous Christmas cakes.

Delivered Australia Wide 

Christmas Gifts for your customers and clients

Blooming Marvellous Christmas cakes make a wonderful gift for your valued clients and customers.

Our irresistible healthy Christmas cakes are hand-made from only the best Australian ingredients.  Only the best!!   

Our luxury cakes are available in 250g, 500g and 1kg.  Bulk orders welcome. 

Christmas Gifts for staff and employees

Give your staff, employees, team members and associates a special gift this Christmas.

Choose a Handmade Blooming Marvellous Christmas Cake and celebrate the age-old tradition of giving a delicious Christmas cake this festive season.  Our cakes are an affordable and unique gift your staff will love to share with friends and family.

Bulk orders welcome.


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